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There are many benefits from choosing Pattern imprint concrete (PIC) for both your driveways or patios as to a degree other than sealing the area you have very little maintenance and no WEEDS, which to many is the most appealing other than its decrotive look.

Other than any other product PIC can come in any size, colour, shape and pattern due to fibre reinforced concrete being poured the colour and print added to crete any look you desire.

Strong, flexible and durable driveways 

Pattern imprinted concrete is used for driveways and patios for many different reasons, but there are three core features of the concrete which stand out for us. The main benefits of Pattern Imprinted Concrete are:

  1. It’s Strong and Solid – and can withstand heavyweights
  2. It’s Extremely Flexible – and can be poured to any shape
  3. It’s Durable and Long-lasting – and requires very little maintenance

A number of factors will need to be considered as part of your planning for your new Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway. It will include discussions with respect to your needs, the size and the boundaries of the area that you want your driveway to cover, and any design ideas that you have already come up with. This will include colours and patterns and any driveway accessories

We shall also cover factors that may influence the installation this will cover areas such as driveway drainage, planning permission requirements, steps if they’re necessary, and more. We will give you a detailed explanation of the pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation process, so you know exactly what to expect from the day we arrive to the day we leave you with your finished driveway.

We take the hassle away whilst giving you your dream driveway, adding at least 10% to your property value.